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Environmental Policy

SARIA is committed to providing a quality service to the Edible Food and Petfood Industries. In providing this service and implementing an environmental policy, the company will manage its activities in a manner that minimises the associated impacts.

The group is dedicated to the continual improvement of its environmental performance and will set clear and attainable objectives and targets in order to facilitate compliance with this policy.

Nortech Foods operates an edible fat melt, refining and packing process. SARVAL Doncaster Pet foods produces fresh and frozen material for the petfood industry. An anaerobic digestion plant recycles waste products to produce approximately 5.0Mw of electrical energy, 1.6Mw of thermal energy and a nutrient rich bio-fertiliser. The site also incorporates a Feed Fat Blending Plant, a Digest Petfood Flavour Enhancing Plant and Blood Drying Process.

The company will implement an Environmental Management System to the standard of ISO 14001 in order to:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation and regulations and liaise with regulatory bodies in the development and implementation of new legislation.
  • Implement systems and act with due diligence in order to minimise the impacts of odour, effluent, noise, and waste produced on site.
  • Implement and maintain Process and Energy Efficiency Management Systems.
  • Implement systems to minimise the use of natural resources to a practicable minimum.
  • Set environmental objectives and targets and regularly monitor performance to demonstrate progress towards continual improvement of its significant aspects.
  • Promote environmental awareness to all relevant personnel within the organisation and train them in their responsibilities by communicating this policy.
  • Plan, implement, and audit systems to ensure that all work instructions and procedures are carried out in a manner that prevents pollution and reduces the potential to cause adverse impacts.
  • Review this policy and report environmental performance to the Executive Management Board.